November 2003 - George Mann Tory Tavern
6.63 - 7, 7, 7, 7, 6.5, 6.5, 6, 6 

It’s been about a year that we’ve been getting together for this dinner thing and we already have a repeat.  However, that’s quite all right as we all enjoyed the food and atmosphere at the historic George Mann Tory Restaurant in Schoharie. A cold dark night was warmed by interesting and entertaining conversation..., both on the ride to and from the restaurant, as well as during dinner. Could anyone miss this particular evening?  I think not.
   The Up Side – The waiter was very informative and even amusing at times.  As always, the menu was interesting and the food delectable. Their trademark lime sorbet cleansed our palate prior to the main course.  We admired (again) with interest the stenciling and use of colors in the various dining rooms, in addition to the wood work and lighting.
   The Down Side – This evening seemed to take leisurely dining to an art form.  While the service and the food were good, it seemed forever to get either one at certain points in the evening.

 All in all, another pleasant culinary experience.  Even with the down side, I always feel like I’ve taken in a bit of history with my dinner.