Five Furlongs – July 2022
The Teator pick led us to a relatively new East Durham venture – Five Furlongs, where Furlong’s once did business. (similar name but just enough difference)

The draw is the outdoor spaces. One space is the covered back deck, with about eight tables and capacity of 40ish or so. And the second space careens down two flights of stairs to the large backyard, with ten tables set in jut-outs near the edge of Bowery Creek. A center stage allows for music, with probably a couple hundred people able to sit at an event. Waitstaff legs and strength are tested!

Inside is a renovated Irish bar.

The abbreviated menu offered enough options to keep a group comfortable. Eight appetizers—among them mac & cheese, sliders, and quesadilla—were worthy enough for a light dinner. Three salads are available. And the entrées included three burger types, a couple chicken preps, salmon, primavera, and a couple more. The dessert list was minimalist.

            Most everyone found their selections to be satisfactory-good, with outdoor air adding to the pleasantness.

Server Maddie handled most of the activity by herself. We have grown to be satisfied with any service lately, a topic that appears below.

Prices per couple varied, depending on selections from apps or entrées. Most apps, and the burgers, fell in the $12-$15 range, while the other entrées range $24-$32. Beer or wine were listed in the $6-$8 range, or cocktails in the $12 area. The bill, with tip, for an appetizer each and a drink each might settle around $50 while a couple entrées, with one salad, and 2-3 drinks kick up to $100.

And the short ride home was enjoyed.

Topics around the table:

Big topic was the Notar trip to Alaska – highlights, weather, travel, extension, scenery, and Mark almost stayed! We still think he was kidding.

other topics: hot weather the second half of July, the storms earlier in the day, pools of water hiding in the low pouches of the canvas tent over our heads, brown grass, watering gardens, Don Gibson’s passing, halfway mark of summer approaching for teachers, a young healthy black bear in the area, aches & pains & one extended sub-par month or so, the back yard of Furlongs – an excellent job, service at restaurants the last few months, county fairs, backyard pools, a lull in big trips, vegetables picked, Covid and variants, and more filled our couple hours together.