Freehold Country Pub – September 2011 (dt)
6.22 – 7, 7, 6.75, 6.5, 6, 6, 5.5, 5

A rare Thursday evening found the DP8ers congregating at the Freehold Country Pub, our local, casual comfort zone. Our schedules precluded any Saturday this month, and then Fridays disappeared, and we dispensed with meeting beforehand.
               We were last to FCP as a group in June 2009, although six of us visit semi-regularly in between, and the same commentary then also applies this time (except it was Maggie who waited. Thanks, Maggie!).
               Choices from the menu included a Greek salad (Judy), seafood platter (Don & Deb T), Delmonico steak (Tim), fried chicken (Ken), fried shrimp (Kriss), a chicken wings (Chay & Deb K), all washed down with combinations of water, beer, pinot grigio, merlot and coffee. Throw in a lotto card of ten games, three soups (beef barley and lobster bisque), a late Ken (work), and lots of conversation, a couple hours, and we called it an evening, with a bill hovering around the $50 per couple range.
               Conversations ranged on a host of topics: a wacky start to school (a week late because of flooding), new kittens (Monet & Jackson), a new dog (Kalli at Karnes), brakes on Ken’s truck, the Adamses’ RV trip coming up, the Saratoga house, Florida houses, school vacations, and more.