La Conca D'oro #4 – April 2022
Who were these people? They looked so familiar!

            DP8 convened once again, with our most recent dinner happening way back at Christmas. Covid worries had us cancelling January, and the new quorum rule cancelled February and March. Dining on the 28th added almost another month.

            Whew! Back again. The Monteverds are still enjoying Florida so Lynda and Ross completed DP8.

           A Notar pick led us to La Conca, where we have met three previous times (one of them take-out) in the annals of DP8 history.

            The menu is still Italian, ambiance has not changed, service still very good, and La Conca is a nice comfortable fit. The biggest change was the appearance of the menu, a wipe-able two-side with another wipe-able side of specials. I am assuming that is a nod to Covid.

            Chay ordered a hot antipasto and Deb a fra diavolo pizza, which are noted for the variation from a usual order from our table. Our other choices were mainstream Italian-American. Still satisfying and very good.

            The dinner bill per couple (separate checks), with tip, ranged from $65-$80. And the lengthening day held the very latest of dusky light backlighting Windham High Peak on the way back on Route 23.

A few months apart had lots of info to share, even if no one story dominated.

            We chuckled how tight our schedules are, with barely a week window to fit April in, with the Notars just back home about a week before leaving the following day for Sicily. And May has a week window with the Notars arriving back home and the Teators leaving on a Viking ocean cruise (with Lynda & Ross).

            Lynda and Ross had just returned from a month vacation in Florida that metastasized into a two month ordeal transitioning her month to elder care.

            And the Notars celebrated a new house in Florida.

            Otherwise, it was good stuff with a few wrinkles, aka, life. Deb K is making lots of people happy with her Sweeter Side baking business, something visually attractive on Facebook. Chay, as he calls it, putters, but a whole lot of order and tidiness are the result. And he is back to mowing both sides of Weed Road, something done for Kalli’s walks but everyone enjoys.

            Deb T has garnered a lot of publicity with an art show in the Library. And she replaced the Art Gallery sign. Don has been seen on PorcupineSoup, the local news media.

            Ross caught us up on his medical stuff – lots of cross currents, few answers. And the East Conesville residence will be utilized soon.

            Otherwise, the Notars are busy at church, Mark is trying to find time for his flipping house (I did not mean for that to sound that way but…), Lynda’s son moved to upstate NY (Hastings on the Hudson! ha), gardens are almost ready to burst out once this cool weather passes, a few around the table have been golfing or going to start soon, lots of deer are still around, April was cool – punctuated with that snowfall, Deb K is busy with closings still, we got a review of walking canes from Ross, Lynda dealt with another chapter of taking care of Mom, we guessed what the Monteverds and Adamses were doing, and the usual host of topics that flit by.