June 2004 - Ca Mea
5.38 - 6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 4, 4 

    Flag Day celebrations in Hudson were the backdrop for our monthly dinner get-together. Parking appeared to be a preliminary problem with all the festivities going on downtown, but we were finally able to secure places on the side streets and venture to our destination of Ca Mea, an upscale Italian restaurant. It was a warm, late Spring evening, and the front door of the restaurant was open and tempting people with the luscious aroma emanating from the inside. As with a great many places on Warren Street in Hudson, the insides exudes a New York City ambiance, i.e., eclectic decoration, interesting lighting, and an even more interesting collection of diners and wait staff.
    The Up Side – The service was friendly (the waitress being an former student from Greenville I believe that some of us knew). The menu was not terribly varied, but there was plenty to choose from.  Some of us went for the pasta (as a good Italian should!!!) – others tried the steak.  I think all agreed the food was tasty and attractively prepared.  Judy was very excited about her newly found drink choice (I can’t remember the name, but it is a mix of champagne and Chambord, I believe – fizzy, fruity, and delectable!!!). After dinner entertainment included a partial fireworks display from the steps of an old church near as we made our way back to our cars.
    The Down Side – While the service was friendly, it was a little slow to even be called leisurely. Our server seemed a little unclear on what came with the meals, and I know more than a couple of us were not happy that the meal chosen was not accompanied even by a vegetable or starch. Not necessarily a bad thing, but the prices were a bit high for an ala carte meal that was not “big” on portion size (was that a pun???).