Bavarian Manor #3, Purling - October 2023
Cheers were heard when the Karnes email announced our destination was Bavarian Manor in Purling/Round Top. Although we had visited in June 2013 and May 2019, we anticipated what the new owners might present, the owners also being the proprietors of Five Furlongs, a recent and comfortable fit for East Durham.

The menu is decidedly German although almost half the menu is American.

            Jager Schnitzel, Bratwurst, and Grilled Pork Loin were selections made from a menu that included Weiner Schnitzel, Chicken Schnitzel and Weiss Wurst.

            American choices included an entrée of veal, chicken, steak, burger, salmon, and vegan .

            An appetizer list showed about the same split, with our choices of onion soup, potato pancakes, and a salad.

The drink list offers several German beers on tap, most of us testing a few of them. Otherwise, a diet soda and a glass of wine, along with water around, satisfied our drink order.

Dessert time had us longing to get on the road so dessert was declined.

The ambiance is same old Bavarian Manor, mostly comforting for those wanting to see a familiar German establishment that has served the community for decades.

            Three tables were put together to seat us, with the resulting length leading to two or three conversations going on the same time. Even with the paucity of customers this evening, the ends of Ken and Mark would have been a tough conversation to hold.

Tory was our server this evening, an older gentleman, who was proficient enough and served us satisfactorily.

The bill, per couple, seemed to range from $90-$125, with an unannounced 20% tip included.

Having picked our November and December dates, we stepped off to a dark driveway before departing into a dark evening.

The above could be part of a delightful experience or part of a mediocre experience, and it was the latter that prevailed this evening although, the main part, the food, was good.

            We waited for food courses to appear. Did I say wait? By the time dessert was a possibility, over two hours had passed. Our appetizers appeared fifty-five minutes after seating, and entrées another twenty-five minutes . Tory seemed to be the only waiter, and also acting as bus boy and bartender. He might have been the cook also. (kidding about the last piece, I hope)

            Then, we asked for separate checks. Tory said he would take one order but separate at the end, a practice that Five Furlongs utilizes. We rolled our eyes, hoping for the best. At check time, Tory had to ask each of us what we had, punched in the numbers, and come up with a figure that already had 20% included. It would have taken half the time if he had done separate checks. (In his defense, Tory seemed to be doing everything except cooking.) Tory even attempted to track down Ken, who had just left for the bathroom, for the salad that had not been confessed to.

            In short, our Bavarian Dining experience soured us on coming back soon.

Talking topics followed the same old, with a few new twists, which is often our case.

            Deb had worked this Sunday at Ravine Farm and was a tad tired; gardens are both winding down for autumn and gearing up for spring; Ken’s health was not a topic and we apologize for not doing so; the Monteverds reversing course and not going to Florida for the rest of Oct-Nov; the Adamses in Italy and sending FB photos; Covid striking Elliott Place once again; upcoming trips – Notars to Hawaii, Teators to Portugal & Spain; Chay’s back and neck; friends’ relationships; placid fall weather except for the three inch rainfall one weekend; German restaurants; health insurance; and other strains of thoughts that have escaped this account.

            One more note: An accomplishment, depending on how you look at it. This was DP8 dinner #240. Some penny-watcher then estimated, at $100 per couple per meal, what we could have done with that $24,000 dollars. The kind-hearted claimed the company was worth much more than that.