October 2003 - Aromi D'Italia
6.00 - 7.5, 7, 6, 6, 6, 5.5, 5, 5 
(changed styles Nov 2009 - becoming Cafe Teria; closed May 2010)

A yearning for the “Old Country” and a little taste of Italy brought us to a small plaza in Guilderland, New York (who would have thought?) to Aromi D’Italia.  It was a cool (no really, make that cold, if memory serves me correctly) evening and Don and Debbie arranged for us to eat with the elite on this particular Saturday evening (8:30 or so).
    The Up Side – So much to say here...  Again, all patrons were in attendance – that always makes me happy.  But let me go back for just a moment.  Walking in the front door of this restaurant was an experience in itself. Even if you could ignore the heavenly aromas coming from the cooking area that was visible as you walked through the door, even if you could ignore the beautiful large Italian floor tiles and ethnic bistro type atmosphere, could anyone really ignore the large cooler containing dozens of different kinds of gelato?  And even if you could ignore all of that, could you get by the pastry/dessert display? As far as I could tell, none of our group could. We had a very entertaining waitress who was quite accommodating.  I thought the food was wonderful, including the dessert.
   The Down Side – We were seated at a booth with a table attached which was comfortable, but not great for sharing conversation with everyone at the table.  I always find that, unless you are in the middle of the table in this type of arrangement, you miss out on much of the conversation at the other end of the table. And no one wants that, especially since the conversation can get quite lively, even with us old folk!!!
    (This was a keeper for me.  Call me crazy (like that would be something new!), but I never think a restaurant in a plaza will be that good.  Color me wrong in every shade...)