August 2005 - Adams
A pleasantly warm August evening greeted us, along with the Adams’ cute little new addition, Buddy. This is our Summertime get together at one of the homes of DP8 and Tim and Judy graciously offered to play host this year.
      Play time ruled for Buddy and the 2 Debs during most of the cocktail/appetizer hour or so, trying to tire him out so he would rest and relax later when we wanted to do the same. The Adams’ lush, green backyard with plenty of shade made a great backdrop to enjoying the crudités and a cold drink on the deck. We all caught up on the Summer activities we were enjoying (or not enjoying so much – Poor Don, Poor Deb) and Kenny supervised Tim at the grill for the upcoming main entrée, London Broil.
      The Up Side – It’s always the same; good company ...  Dinner included a lovely salad (thanks to Monte), fresh bread, scrumptious roasted potatoes and huge slabs, and I do mean huge, of London Broil. Dessert included Fresh Key Lime Pie (someone asked and I happily acquiesced to their request – very refreshing on a warm Summer night). I do remember the part of dessert that “flopped”, or perhaps I should say melted. That ice cream just wouldn’t get hard (enough said)…
      The Down Side – The only thing I remember is the ice cream incident and it wasn’t a total bust – some of us indulged in the melty stuff that tasted good even though it was the wrong consistency. There was a slight delay in the meat department as master chefs Tim and Ken hurried to get their meat ready (the London Broil, that is). But all’s well that ends well – the meat was delicious and we all lived happily ever after… at least for the evening.