DP8 Rules of Restauranteering

  1. The establishment must have a liquor license, or some other satisfactory arrangement made.
  2. The restaurant should not be more than an hour's trip from the 'starting point', unless the remaining diners are complicit.
  3. Reservations must be able to be made, unless all agree to some other circumstance.
  4. Preference is given to individually owned restaurants, and must be more than 'red neck' hangouts or other holes-in-the-woods. Chain restaurants are acceptable if only one or two are available in our hour circle.
  5. A potential expense of more than $75 per person should be noted before, if possible.
  6. Food aversions are to be considered -- curry, salmon, Mexican, and wild game. Alternatives are so likely that these aversions can probably be reconnoitered.
  7. Ken must have coffee.
  8. Other rules to be made as needed.