November  2012
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A practically perfect Veteran’s Monday (the day before was the real one), with a t-shirt comfortable 65 degrees before cooling only a speck by meeting’s beginning, saw the following attendees: Stephanie Ingalls, Ron Golden, Orrin & Shirley Stevens, Judy Rundell, Lew Knott, Walter & Donna Ingalls, Carol Adriance, Fred & Carol Lamb, Evelyn Jennings, Bette Welter, and Don Teator.

Our year’s last meeting started with a mini-share session:
          Bette, I think, brought in a 2011 Old Timers’ Christmas Party program.
          And Walter had a 1989 Calendar sponsored by the Greene County Savings Bank.
          Carol Adriance (welcome, Carol) brought in some photos, especially some of winter scenes in Greenville, something we wished we had last meeting. So, thank you, Carol Lamb for instigating such a worthwhile result with Carol A.
          Don had attended a gravestone preservation meeting in early November in Oak Hill and Cornwallville. Hosted by the Durham Historic Preservation Commission, the meeting showed how to safely clean gravestones. A worthwhile two hours, and thank you to Mary Lou and Nick Nahas for instigating such worthwhile efforts.
          Also, Judy brought a photo album that had just been freed from some long secure spot, with almost no photos identified, and none that David or she could identify. The only clues are: one ID as Edith Evans as a child; another ID of David Talmadge Aler (or Aber); and another ID of Helen Wicks (she married David Rundell’s uncle).  
          A clipping is of Dr. Brown’s wedding announcement. Judy’s note says he had an office in Greenville between the new drugstore on Main Street and the lawyer’s office (Gordon Simpson & family lived there later on).
          One more note says that the album (it was Dave’s mother’s) shows pictures of members of the Presbyterian Church. (Are there any members of the church who might be recognize some long ago faces?)
          (Hmmm… an addition. One photo’s glue let loose and on the back was a small clued: to be included later.)

The first of three main parts was a thirty minute travelogue about Don & Debra’s recent vacation to France (Paris, Burgundy, Loire). I could go into detail but justice would be better served (for anyone interested) by going to on a computer and clicking the link to France 2012.
          Two photo albums of the trip were also brought, and anyone who wants to see them, let me know and I’ll arrange to show you at some convenient time.
          (Other presentations like this, or like Walter’s 1947 trip, or something of general interest would certainly be appropriate for GLHG. Keep us in mind.)

Part Two of the evening was the narrowing down of photos for the 2014 calendar. With your help from October, several photos were selected then, and we selected several by consensus this evening. The final list has firmed up to:
 ==>boarding house – Greenville Arms
==>church – Greenville Methodist
==>school – c.1930 GFA baseball team
==>property improvement – Powell Store
==>Red Mill Dam
==>Rescue Squad
==>Freehold winter scene
==>Greenville winter scene
==>a Greenville Center photo – yet to be decided
==>Scripture Bridge (crossing Basic on Rt 81)
==>and two more to go
          Making the choices more interesting was Carol Adriance’s photos (Dr. Bott’s house, snow in Greenville) but they should be good candidates for 2015.
          If you have other comments before I start making captions this winter, let me know. (And I will probably have to call several of you for more information.)

Part Three of the evening (easier to do with Part Two done) was the selection of a person(s) to be recognized.
          Based on feedback, the final list of nominees was:
==>Ginny Mangold
==>David & Pat Elsbree
==>Dave Battini
==>Rotary Club
==>Kathy Williams
==>Richard Ferriolo
==>Tom Carney
==>Phyllis Beechert
==>Mary Heisinger
          Don distributed a ballot and asked all who wished to vote to list up to three nominations for our recognition, in order of preference.
          I collected the ballots, have put them in an envelope, and will open them once I have called upon several of you who did not attend the meeting. If were not at the meeting and would like to nominate up to three people, email or call or send your choices.
          As agreed, I will tell you who you selected in the Annual Newsletter that comes out during the winter.

So, that was the last meeting of our year, and we shall commence in April 2013.
          If you have an idea for a program, let me know. I suspect our April meeting will be a general get-together and share session, with a majority of the rest being programs. I will still try to fit in share sessions, even if it is part of a meeting, so you can add to the Historian’s collection (and knowledge, too).
          This is a good time to remind you to consider a local history project and try to contribute something to the files that will preserve for the community’s sake some angle of the Town of Greenville that might otherwise be lost in the decades to come.
          For example, writing your memories of your growing up years, school, holidays, a big event, etc., would certainly be appropriate. A look back over your years in the Greenville area from your perspective would also be fitting. If your specialty is politics, fire department, local artists, farming, etc., that would be another worthy project. There’s a bunch more but I will make a fuller list for the annual report.

I have included copies of a few photos. The ice skating scene is one I need more info (when?), especially it will be one of our calendar photos.
          Until then, take care, stay healthy, and may the holiday season be a good one for you.
          Thank you for another good year.

Take care,


Ice skating on Greenville Pond: what year?

old farm machinery, from Vanderbilt Farm

. .

identity and location unknown (see text for clue)

. .

the Palmer Estate: where?

identity and location unknown (see text for clue)