Other Teeter, Teter Groups

A major strand of Teator/Teeter/Tator/Teter/Dator genealogy is ours of Hudson Valley lineage.

Another major strand is based in the Finger Lakes area, with the ancestor Conrad Teeter born in Germany, residing in Sussex Co, NJ. Some of his children would move to the Lansing, Tompkins Co, NY area. This family is detailed in a book: New York's Finger Lakes Pioneer Families: Especially Tompkins County, by Helen Lewis, published by Art Kelly's Kinship of Rhinebeck, NY. Conrad appears to have immigrated, probably at Philadelphia, in the 1720s or 1730s.

A third major strand is the lineage of a Hans George Teter (Dieter) who immigrated at Philadelphia in 1727. This family is detailed in a manuscript prepared by Shirley Colaw Howell of South Carolina. A copy of this manuscript is in my possession. This Teter family centers in Virginia in the early years.

Other Teator families can be found but appear to be much later arrivals. Email me if you wish to alert me to any families that appear to be Teator related.

Any connection between the Hudson Valley, Finger Lakes, and Virginia lines remains to be discovered.