Brad & Marjorie's 25th Renewal Vows

This next part of today’s schedule was sprung from someone noticing the number of obituaries in the last couple newsletters, and an idea for a happy occasion was suggested. So….

Twenty years ago, our first reunion of the descendents of our John Teter was held, on another day in July, and has been held every two years since.
          Twenty years has gone by, and twenty years worth of changes have gradually, or suddenly, changed who each of us is. Several of you came into the world after the first reunion, a few of the then baby faces are now married, some young adults are now grandparents, some are reaching the primes of life, some are facing and hopefully enjoying the golden years. We especially remember those who have passed on, who meant, and mean, so much to us.
          Five years before our first reunion, Bradley and Marjorie exchanged vows. And, now, 25 years later, in front of and with the backing of the Teator Reunion, they will renew their vows, showing the strength of couples and family for as long as the Teator family has been in America for the past 300-some years.
          So, Bradley and Marjorie, will you please step forward.

When you first joined hands and hearts 25 years ago, you did not know where life would take you. You promised to love, honor and cherish one another through all things. Life has surely brought you both blessings and tribulations. Thus, you have kept your promise, and your lives and what you have accomplished together is testimony to that promise.
          So, as you come here today to reaffirm your wedding vows and as you reflect back over all the years as husband and wife, please say “I Do” after each statement. (take hands)

Do you, Bradley and Marjorie, pledge your love and commitment to each other, as if it seems like only yesterday; and to love, honor, comfort each other.
(I DO)
Do you, Bradley and Marjorie, promise, in health or sickness, in times of plenty or times of want, through good times and otherwise, to be a support for each other.
(I DO)
Do you, Bradley and Marjorie, starting your next 25, and more, married years, promise to support your family, your friends, your neighbors to the best of your abilities.
(I DO)
Do you, Bradley and Marjorie, take each other’s hand as a life partner, for all the days of your lives.
(I DO)

With the support of the Teator Reunion, and of your family and friends, we thank you for sharing this opportunity, recognize the strength of the many Teator families represented today, and see that you symbolize the fabric of life we share. God’s blessings, and may you be able to enjoy many good years together.
We invite you to share in the desserts and the cake, made by a family friend, Helen.