collection from Walter Ingalls basement
divided as marked
given by Krista Ingalls Haushalter upon sale of WI house

photo album of Ireland trip of Jardine and Gardiner (to be given to Jardine)
Resorts of Catskills – Evers, Cromley, Blackmar, Harris
Upstate New York in 100 Words or Less – D’Imperio
Town of Greenville Veterans Memorial Book of Honor
A Catskills Boyhood: My life along the Hudson – DuBois
Big Hollow: A Mountaintop History – Maplecrest, Windham, NY – Hitchcock
composition book – Lambs Corners S.S. – 1936-1938
articles in manila folder: EIA: Aviators, Resorts; Len Gardiner in plane
calendars: Westerlo 2008 & 2009: schools of Westerlo (some in GCS district)
manila envelope: negatives 120 of GNH employees
Freehold-Greenville-Oak Hill Telephone Directory – March 1949
linen calendar (Christmas on a Friday)
blueprints or plot plans (some from Buckman): Pleasant View Lodge, Richardson subdivision north of Bryants, The Pines at Greenville, Wyckhof Road (Freehold), Elliott Rd & properties (Norton Hill), proposed Town Park Rd (Bryant’s 1070s)
a couple of Greene County’s Good News Letter
pamphlet – Open House, Freehold Vol Fire Comp – 1987
packets of negatives: 120 size: Youth Fair, 1961 Varieties Show, GCS HS Band – mid 1960s?, Charlie Mesow houses (New Ridge Rd), Willie Cravata’s garage (Pine Springs), Greenville Firemen’s Parade
GVFC Constitution, undated
several documents of Potter Hollow School House
booklet: GVFC 50th Anniversary, 1989
booklet: UMC Centennial history
booklet: UMC members photos
three photos of a band: The Knights, The Four Sharps
mirror souvenir: Country Square Laundromat, G&S Jones
ten slides: Chamber of Commerce parade 1954
Photos: in magazine holder: bowlers, Rotary picnic at Max Palmer’s, HS band, GCS play; photos on cardboard: NH, Potter Hollow; black paper: GNH, Ingalls-Freeman, Cornells; Pioneer staff – one photo;