Hills to Remember

Whether because of distance or steepness or dread, these hills certainly influence our bicycling discussions.
A consensus of Don Teator and Chris DeGiovine, this quite subjective list recognizes the lingering memories and moods these hills have afforded us.

Top Thirty  in or close to Greene County
Adirondack  a limited list because of Don's fewer rides there
Short Snots  not long enough to be Top 30 but still "fun"
The Future  these await us

Hills to Write Home About
  1. Devil's Kitchen - two miles of tough, especially the horseshoe
  2. 23C east from 23 (Maben's Airport hill) - doable first half mile, stupendous wall for second half
  3. Sickle Hill - unrelenting mile and half heading to Partridge Run
  4. Mt. Greylock (north side) - two early short tests, then a long grind
  5. Mead Mt (Woodstock side) - two miles in your face
  6. Peekamoose Hill - tough climb from the Ashokan
  7. Cunningham Rd - moderate hill until house, then ZAP
  8. Cass Hill - switchback heaven, and more to come on way to Westerlo
  9. 23A from Palenville - three miles of steady pressure and traffic
  10. Cheese Hill Rd, Preston Hollow - a long grunt from Rt 145
  11. Potter Hollow, Gilboa fork - testy path that's tougher than expected
  12. Irish Hill - a two-part test of strength in Berne
  13. Ravine Rd - the sister act of Sickle
  14. Susquehanna Turnpike from Durham - rolls bookended by steep sections
  15. Ohayo south side - switchbacks galore with view of the Ashokan
  16. West Fulton (CR 4), from Rt 30 - snappy test, especially if going to Cobleskill
  17. Rt 156 from Altamont - long, steady grind
  18. 23 to Pt Lookout - four miles of grind, nice views of the valley near top
  19. Kropp Hill on CR 358 - classic head wall at end
  20. CR 2 west to Prattsville - the tough way to get to Prattsville
  21. Cole Hill, north side - a worthy test that confronts within view
  22. Potter Hollow, Broome Center fork - three miles of steady grind
  23. Beaver Dam + Camp Pinnacle - four hill chunks keep getting tougher
  24. Powell Hill, from 143 - a challenge to stay on bike, higher rating if longer
  25. Sunset Hill, from South Westerlo - steep top and bottom, with little rest
  26. CR 10 Prattsville - 1st and 2nd hills together, separately - might not be on list
  27. Middleburgh 145 north - a whack across the head, expect it to be not so tough
  28. Schoharie 1A - steady push past Guernsey's Nursery
  29. Middleburgh 145 south - mile long test, often done in baking afternoon sun

Others not close by, but would be our Top 40 if they were
Bash Bish Falls Rd - a worthy climb, need to pace well
Rt 23, state line near Catamount - long and steady
Winchell Mt - from Millerton, mile grind out of the valley
Rt 199 from Millerton - steady grind
Delaware CR 5 from So. Kortright - 1.2 mi over the 'ridge'
Delaware Co SR 206 from Walton - 2.5 mi bigger than 23A
Mohonk Mt House Rd, both sides - classic big hill climb
CR 52 to or from Cooperstown - steady grunt 
Otsego Co Rt 165 between South Valley and Dorloo - 55 mph downhill

Worthy Adirondack Hills

  1. CR 8 to Hague, west side - long, long grunt
  2. Tongue Mountain hill from Silver Bay - steep wall in face
  3. Benson hill - steady grind in southern Adirondacks
  4. Keene up to Lake Placid - classic long grind
  5. CR7 south of Lincoln Pond - ok hill topped with zinger
  6. CR 8 from Wells - miles of unrelenting pedaling without a break
  7. Rt 28 from North River - classic uphill state road
  8. Hague Rt 8 east side - (have not done but judged from downhill ride)
  9. Blue Mountain, up past Adirondack Museum - short and "sweet"
  10. Riverbank Rd from Bolton Landing - one tough & gradual hill after another
  11. Blue Ridge (No. Hudson-Newcombe) - long climb, classic hilly views from top

Short but Worthy
- German Hill - from CR 41; classic half-mile springtime test
- Sunny Hill - (east side) feels tougher finishing up home
- Maplecrest Hill - from Maplecrest; one steep switchback
- Cornwallville Rd -  from Cornwallville to Rt 23; always tougher than expected
- Golden Hill Rd - the two 'bumps' together past Gavin's
- 20B Cornwallville Rd - 
from East Durham; half as tough as German Hill
- Bogadus Rd - an uphill deadend in Acra with view of valley
- Rickard Hill - by Schoharie school, view of the quarry
- Hervey Street Rd (both forks) - from the arch bridge, a slap in the face after a medium climb
- Jocelyn Schoolhouse Rd - not really tough, but not nice after climb from Altamont

Worth a Visit, We Have Heard
- Big Indian - have come down, expect it to be tough
- Highmount, Rt 28 - visual toughie
- more of the Helderbergs - classic word of mouth