Town of Greenville Published Sources

History of Greene County, J. B. Beers & Co, pub 1884, reprinted by Hope Farm Press, Cornwallville, NY 1987, pp. 289-317.
Credit to Hiram Bogardus, Greenville section
--->Early Land Grants
--->Town Organization
--->Present Mills
--->Early Manufacturies
--->Mail Routes
--->Early Settlers (Brandow, Lampman, Bogardus, Spees, Lake, Knowles, Collins, Wakely, Losee, King, Waldron, Rundle, Prevost)
--->Early Physicians
--->Early Hotels
--->Greenville Village
--->Freehold and Vicinity
--->Norton Hill
--->Greenville Centre
--->East Greenville
--->Presbyterian Church
--->Baptist Church at Greenville Centre
--->Freehold Congregational Church
--->Old Greenville M.E. Church
--->Asbury Methodist Episcopal Church
--->Norton Hill Methodist Episcopal Church
--->Christ Church (Protestant Episcopal)
--->Gayhead Baptist Church
Greenville Academy
--->Waldron Family
--->Finch Family
--->Alexander Neely Bentley
--->Bradley Selleck McCabe
--->Dr. Amos Botsford
--->O'Hara Family
--->Frederick Coonley
--->Hervey Weed
--->Stevens Family
--->Russell Townsend
--->John G. Williamson
--->James Jennings
--->Hardy Rundle
--->Snyder Family
(Other pieces of information about Greenville can be found in the general history of Greene County in the book's beginning, and in the Genealogical and Personal Record found in the end of the book.) Index available: Indexed by Mrs. Jean D. Worden, 1984

Dear Old Greene County, Gallt, 1915, Reprinted by Hope Farm Press, Cornwallville, pp. 454‑459  (substantial use of Beers, miscellaneous Greenville notes spread throughout general history)

History of Greene County 1651-1800, Jessie Van Vechten Vedder, 1927, Reprinted by Hope Farm Press, Cornwallville, 1985, pp. 85-89, 150-152, 189-191
credit: Miss Ellen M. Baker, Town Historian
(misc. other notes; index available)

Ross & Kozacek, Greene County, '76 Bicentennial Overview, GCAmerRevBicComm, pub. Catskill Enterprise, 1976. (sparse references, indexed)

Beecher, Raymond, Out to Greenville and Beyond, Hope Farm Press, 1977 & 1985. indexed
--->Coxsackie Turnpike
--->Fix the Road or Leave the Gates Open
--->Powell Gristmill, Honey Hollow
--->East Greenville
--->Greenville Academy
Greenville's First Public library
--->Augustine Prevost
--->John Ely
--->Off to Durham

De Lisser, R. Lionel, Picturesque Catskills, 1894, Reprinted by Hope Farm Press, 1967 & 1983, pp. 101-109 (pic), 129-136 (text).

Saint John the Baptist, Greenville NY 1968

Wooster & Palmer, Christ Episcopal Church, Greenville, 1825-1975

Greene County Volunteer Firemen's Association - One Hundred Years of Fire Service History, 1989-1989

Atlas of Greene County, Beers, Ellis, & Soule, 1867
(indicators of dwellings and residents, close-up of Greenville village, Freehold, Norton Hill, West Greenville, Greenville

Articles & Miscellaneous
--->Greenville Arms, Capital magazine, April 1990 pp. 53, 62-63
--->Greene County Historical Society's 14th Annual Home Tour brochure, 9 Jun 1990
--->"Early Flyers in Greene County", GCHSQJ, Edna Adams, Winter, 1984 pp. 31-34
--->"Early Teamsters in the Town of Greenville", GCHSQJ, Edna Adams, Summer 1980 pp. 1-3
--->"West Greenville, Erstwhile Marble Pillar", GCHSQJ, Raymond Beecher, Winter 1983
--->"Simeon Scripture's Fulling Mill on the Basic Creek", GCHSQJ, Raymond Beecher, Winter 1978
--->"A Kaleidoscope of Greenville Village History", GCHSQJ, Raymond Beecher, Summer 1990
--->"The Fabulous Butlers of Brandy Hill", New York History, Margaret Coffin, July 1953
--->any issue of Greenville Local
--->any issue of Greenville Press
--->any issue of Mountain View Pioneer
--->sections of county papers
--->Knickerbocker News, April 24, 1950 - 7B, 8B.
--->Catskill Examiner‑Recorder, August 12, 1954, picture feature
--->Assessment Rolls (pub. 1880's - 1950)
--->Greenville Central News, (especially Feb, 1963)
--->Today in the Catskills (free advertising newspaper supplement, showing maps and naming sights and businesses, mid-1980's - present)
--->Greene County Travel Guide, I Love New York, Greene County Promotion Department. (listing of businesses and sights)
--->Memorial Celebration - 90th Anniversary, Address by Rev. S. Granby Spees, pub. Daily Saratogian, 1872, pp. 1-57  (General history, biographical sketches, members of Presbyterian Church)

Federal: 1810-1940 (every ten years)
State: 1855, 1865, 1875, 1892, 1905, 1915, 1925