October 2013
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Classic Columbus Day weather—60s, mixed sun and clouds—awaited the almost twenty who came out for the 2014 Calendar presentation: Bette Welter, Carolyn Savery, Ron Golden, Mary Griffin, Phyllis Beechert, Kevin & Roe & Russell Lewis, Christine Mickelsen, Orrin & Shirley Stevens, Bob & Marie Shaw, Lew Knott, Mary Heisinger, Stephanie Ingalls, Dave Battini, and Don Teator. (If you were there and not mentioned, you escaped my power of observation or memory; let me know and I will make a note for next newsletter.)

The first order of business was Russell Lewis’s explanation of his Eagle Scout project—one that GLHG is especially interested in. Russell has organized an effort to replace the historical marker on Rt. 32 in the dip between Carlsen’s Auction and JP North’s. The marker quietly disappeared some 40+ years ago, left only to the memory of some and to the NYS Education Department’s records.
          So, Russell, and with the help he recruits (as mandated by Eagle Scout standards) has initiated the creation of the replacement marker and has started the fund-raising that will cover the costs. (The October 23rd roast beef dinner at Baumann’s Brookside seemed to be quite a success, and tasty, too.)
          Good luck, Russell, and I know that if any help can be further given by GLHG, we will try to help.
          Two years ago, Russell’s brother Tucker, in his Eagle Scout project, undertook to re-paint all the historical markers in Greenville, a deed that drew widespread comment and praise. The marker that was set on the Basic Creek behind “Ingalside” was patched up and restored as much as possible. The two brothers combined have restored a high quality appearance and care for our markers.
          Congratulations, Russell, and I strongly suspect Mom & Dad, and grandparents, and family have helped along the way.

The major topic of the evening was the presentation of the 2014 calendar.
          But, before that would happen, I offered a look at past calendars, selecting the two pages that I deemed to be the most, or very, significant. (I should have challenged one of you to try the same and see how closely we matched!).
          So, showing the cover, and then presenting two photos for each year, we wended our way through eighteen covers and thirty-six photos, the sum of which was a pleasant reminder of how much history we have helped to save for our present resources and future memories. A few of those photos are reproduced in this newsletter.
          Then, I distributed a “borrow” copy of the calendar to everyone present so we could take a close look at this year’s entry.
          At sneak look’s end, we officially recognized Dave and Phyllis for their lifetime contributions to Greenville.
          The calendar takes 50-60 hours of work, starting with the planning, continuing with the dozen and more research projects needed, checking the captions with the appropriate parties, meeting with the printer, and then selling. For those of you who helped, thank you. And I trust you will find 2014’s version to be a worthy one.
          The calendars are available for $9 at Greenville Library, Tops, Kelly’s Pharmacy, Town Clerk Office, GNH, and Hilltown Agway. For a member discount, come to a meeting, or contact me.
          A new location just arranged to have calendars available. Read and Read Again, the book store on Main Street Greenville (across from Kelly’s), run by Carmen Bucci, raises our number of sellers to seven. Again, if you frequent these businesses, please thank the owners/courtesy desk/manager for assisting our efforts. Or, just stop in to do so.

The final, and necessary, bit of calendar stuff is selling. The sale of about 200 calendars will cover all costs, so whatever help you can offer—purchase for yourself or for gifts, reminding others to purchase a calendar, etc.—is much appreciated and will help continue this tradition. A shortfall will have me going back to the drawing board about the calendar’s viability.

Other Notes:
Our November 11th Share Session, our last meeting of 2013, will be a chance to bring whatever you have been hanging onto to share. I know Phyllis gave me a folder of stuff to look at and bring back to this meeting, I’ll update about the Greenville family tree, etc.

In addition, we need to select, if we are so inclined, a community member to be recognized. So, if you have any more nominations, in addition to the list we have, please bring them to meeting, or contact me so I can add the names to the list in time for the meeting. Our current list includes: Tom & Joann Baumann; Zan Bryant/family; Tom Carney; Richard Ferriolo; Mary Heisinger; Ginny Mangold; Rotary Club; Rich & Carol Schreiber; Frank Tiberi; Bill VonAtzingen; and Kathie Williams.
          We will attempt a brief noting of each person’s accomplishments, and then we will vote for our first, second, and third choices (3 pts, 2 pts, 1 pt), with the top vote-getter being our 2014 Person. (We could choose to not undergo this recognition but everything I hear is so overwhelmingly positive and worthwhile that I think the consensus is to continue!).

Also noted in this newsletter is the front wall of Tops, spreading a tableau of local history. I have included a picture of one angle but I would encourage you to view it.

 I drew attention to the Town’s recent proposal to revise our zoning ordinance, a plan that will bring the greatest changes to Greenville since zoning started in 1987. If you think it important, get a copy of the proposal from the Town Office and see what you think.

 I’ve added a couple more resorts – Mirror View Farm and Morrison’s. (You get a gold star for knowing where both these places are!)

 I was the October 24th program at the Greene County Historical Society, showing some photos of old Greenville, many of which we have seen at GLHG programs. The major part of the show, however, were the major research and projects I’ve undertaken, many of which you know about but they usually go unmentioned and seldom seen. It was a program I have never done for the GLHG; I’ll consider if it might be worthwhile doing for GLHG in 2014.

Note of correction: the September 2013 newsletter, the one with Roberta Jennings, Issue #229, did not have September on the cover as it should have.

The Civil War Round Table, on its Wednesday, November 13th meeting, will feature Ted Hilscher who will talk about the NYS 120 Regiment, the one that Greenville’s young men join to fight in the Civil War. (large community room, 7:30, refreshments, and Ted is always good!)

A THANK YOU goes to Stephanie and Christine for handling the refreshments part of the program.

Take care,

Rosemary & Kevin & Russell Lewis,
with Eagle Scout Project


Town of Greenville Historian Don Teator,
congratulating 2013 Greenville Local History Group's
Community Members of the Year
Phyllis Beechert, David Battini

a segment of Tops local history tableau
front interior wall