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with Chris 2004 FANY ride Labor Day

My Bicycling History

Cycling has been a consistent strand in my physical activities for the last forty years, the one that has served me the longest.

Averaging about 3,000 miles a year for the past ten years, I cycle when the thermometer hits 60 (maybe 55, lately) degrees or better, rarely over 90 degrees, and even more rarely when it is raining, qualifying me as a fair weather rider.

Most of my mileage is the 15-25 mile range, usually just for exercise and sight-seeing, with my favorite 15-25 mile rides (or variations of) being:
- Red Mill Rd - South Westerlo - Greenville - Greenville Center - CR 67 and home
- out to Durham/Cooksburgh (often stopping to see Bill Whitbeck)
- East Durham - Sunside - Round Top - Cairo - CR 41 and home, with Stone Bridge Rd Ext  as an extra (a stop at Hartmann's is a plus)

A half-hour, time-is-short, need-to-do-something loop that continually comes to the rescue is"
- the 8 miler: 67 - 67A - 145 - Stone Bridge Rd Ext - and back (with the rustic, serene Partridge Farm as a backdrop)

The big events are the century rides, listed on a different page, as are the hills we brag about climbing. And I thank the bicycling friends over the years.